Seller's Guide: 6 ways to expedite your property sale.


When welcoming prospective buyers into your home, the underpinning goal is for your viewers to visualise themselves living there, which entails more than simply lighting a homely candle. With buyers spending an average of 38 minutes viewing their new home before putting an offer in, it’s crucial to present your property in its best light, striking a balance between inviting and clutter-free.

While you may not go to the extent of introducing a neutral, universal colour pallet to your home, creating a sleek, move-in-ready appearance will give the impression that very little restoration work will be required upon completion, driving up offer amounts. From installing mirrors to give the illusion of a larger room to removing traces of wear, as well as clearing ornaments, trinkets, and products, it’s important to focus on the details.


With 93% of Brits more likely to view a home with a well-maintained exterior, the importance of a visually appealing front cannot be understated. Ultimately, first impressions count, so whether your home requires surface-level touch-ups or extensive repair work, giving your exterior some TLC will result in a marked increase in interested buyers – and a higher appraisal value.

A lick of paint to revamp your front door? A sweep of the grime that has settled on your footpath? A perfectly manicured garden? A new bin store? A series of small, inexpensive touches can transform your outside space, catapulting your sale price.


If you’re set to put your 3-bedroom home on the market, you may choose to angle your home at growing families through inviting, homely touches. If you own a 1-bedroom apartment in the heart of Bournemouth, you may choose to appeal to young couples through contemporary furnishings and a pocket-sized office space. Perhaps you’re contemplating the sale of a seafront bungalow, where appealing to the ageing population through classic finishes would spark interest. Without isolating those outside of your target market, pinpointing the needs of your future buyer will help them resonate with your abode.


Unless your home sale is time-sensitive, waiting for bi-annual peaks will pave the way to faster, more lucrative prospects. As a rule of thumb, spring and autumn present profitable opportunities for sellers, with demand overshadowing supply and the number of prospective buyers heightening.

Reports show that early May is the best time to put your home on the market, with the average beginning-to-end process speeding up by 18.5 days, putting 5.9% more money into your hands when compared to other months, although different regions often reflect varying trends. From overflowing Christmas calendars to looming summer holidays, being aware of upcoming occasions will help you identify the best time to make the leap, balancing the level of competition with the number of active buyers.


Ultimately, a seamless home selling experience is built upon a foundation of transparent communication, stringent marketing techniques, and a dedicated team of property specialists. At Stewarts Estates Bournemouth, we pride ourselves on our commitment to your sale, moving you towards completion efficiently, while maximising your sale price. From monitoring the chain, spearheading negotiations, liaising with solicitors, and helping you navigate the often-daunting property sale waters, we are committed to a hassle-free A-to-Z. Offering free valuations, we are recognised as one of Bournemouth’s leading estate agencies.


While many sellers opt to move forward with the largest offer, there are several other factors that should be considered before giving the highest bidder the green light. If you’re seeking a speedy sale, particularly important for those relocating or going through a divorce, a buyer without a chain may be a superior option despite having a slightly lower offer. If you’re wary of delays, requiring proof of funds or a mortgage agreement in principle will aid a smooth-running process, avoiding rescinded contracts. As a hands-on team with extensive industry experience, we guide our sellers through the process, helping them identify the right buyer for their needs.

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