A Fairer Private Rented Sector White Paper

The ‘A Fairer Private Rented Sector White Paper’, was recently released by the government where it plans to improve the PRS. The full details of this white paper put forward by the government will see the end of section 21 evictions, remove arbitrary rent review clauses, prevent Landlords from unreasonably refusing tenants with pets renting the property and extend the decent home standards.

It looks to remove discrimination against families with children and those in receipt of housing benefits by making it legal for landlords and letting agents from having blanket bans.

The proposals put forward in this white paper would also appear to be giving tenants stronger powers of tenure by banning section 21 evictions. Tenants will also be able to leave tenancies easier and quicker under a single system of periodic tenancies. So should their circumstances change or wish to leave poor quality housing they can do so without being liable for the rent. So a tenancy will only end if a tenant wishes to leave or a landlord has a valid reason which is defined in law.

There will also be stronger powers for tenants to challenge unjustified rent increases, along with a proposal to double the notice period required under section 13.

On a positive side for Landlords, the government proposes that for those that they call “responsible Landlords” will be able to gain possession of the properties more efficiently from anti-social tenants. They will also be able to “sell their properties when they need to.”

Though, the government plans to give local authorities stronger powers to tackle rogue or bad Landlords, imposing larger fines for those serious offenders.

This white paper forms the basis of a bill that the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities and Minister for intergovernmental Relations, Michael Gove wishes to push through and make law.

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